Website Tips



Login - You can login to your account or create an account, in the upper left hand corner of the site.

View Cart - If you would like to see the items you have added to your Cart click on the Icon that looks like a "Bag" in the upper right hand corner.

Wishlist - After you have signed into your account, you will be able to add items to a Wishlist. Those items can be found by clicking the "Heart" in the upper right hand corner.

Product Page Views - Products can be displayed in Grid or as a List by clicking the corresponding image near the top right of the product listings. By clicking the list view, product descriptions will show in the list.


Search - If you would like to search for items in our store, click on "Search" shown at the top of the page. Then a search box will appear across the page that looks like this.




Navigating Categories - Click on "SHOP" near the top of the page and the top categories will be listed in a drop down box. Some categories have many subcategories; By clicking on the top category, the subcategories will be shown.